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November Builds...

Its been a fantastic month here, following my visit to Dylan at Daemoness Guitars. Here are a few instruments which we either shipped or have worked on this month.

Ryan Aldred's Life Squared Wraith:

Ryan came to us with a very ambitious concept for a Wraith HB-6. 

This guitar features a 9 piece Birdseye maple, wenge and cherry neck with macassar ebony fretboard and headstock veneer, a Black Chrome finished korina body and custom inlays. 

The electronics are pretty epic too. She's loaded with a Sabre Metalgear Ultra at the bridge, a Fernandes Sustainer FSK-101 at the neck and we even mounted a Mooer 90 Orange Phaser Pedal within the guitar as well, modified to take a battery. Quite the beast.  

John Newsome's Classic Korina and Wenge Wraith:

I love this wood combination above almost everything else for a Wraith. I think the complex and deep, resonant tone when these two tonewoods are married together is breathtaking. 

Chris Lazo's Inca Inspired Spalted Maple Wraith

Chris is the lead guitarist with Female fronted metal act Insuna. He wanted to pay homage to his Inca roots with an awesome (and complicated) ceremonial Tumi Knife inlay. The guitar itself featured a beautiful maple neck binding, spalted maple Top and Headstock veneer and for the first time in Sabre history a set of EMG JH-Signature Pickups, 

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