Sabre Guitars

Crafted by hand in Cambridge UK

Paul Glover (Guitar Techniques) Reviews Sabre Wraith

The legendary Paul Glover got his hands on Carl Johnston's Signature Wraith CJM-103 last week. This is what happened:

This week we look at the hottest new guitar company on the block "Sabre Guitars". This UK based company produce handmade guitars of the highest calibre but not the highest price tags. 

We give the 'Wraith' a good thrashing and man alive it was fun, just hope you guys get a taste of what this thing is capable of.

If you think it sounds good on here then you can only dream of how good this thing sounds in the flesh. We may have just found this country's PRS.

Big Thanks to Christian Howes and Mark Harrison 

Go check these guys out at -

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