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Michael G.

Michael had his stage debut playing guitar at 5 and was hooked instantly.

A 5th generation guitar player he studied classical violin for 8 years as a child before returning to guitar however it was his long standing teenage friendship with Dimebag Darrell from Pantera which cemented his ambitions and led to Michael’s involvement in many thrash and heavy metal bands. 

Since then Michael has constantly been in demand, sharing the stage with the likes of Dimebag, Dizzy G Gillespie, Rob Michael's (Goo Goo Dolls), Blackfoot, Rossington Group, Kenny Olsen (Kid Rock), Peter Keys (Lynard Skynard), Members of Parliment, George Lynch, Earl Slick (David Bowie), Billy Shehann, Shane Gibson (Korn), and he will be featured on Enrico Santacatterina's new cd in 2011. 

Michael is currently recording a solo cd which will be released this year, and is also working with Dizzy on some fantastic new material.

His song Just like a Angel sold 3.6 million copies, and all the proceeds went to victims of Drunk Driving in Michael’s home state of New Mexico.

At NAMM ’11 Michael launched Rock ‘N’ Roll Industries Magazine to an incredible reception. Click on the front cover below to view:


Michael Plays a maple and mahogany Semi-Hollow Sabre Seraph HB-102 from our first ever NAMM production run in 2011!!!

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