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 Planing Fingerboards

I’ve been making electric guitars since I was 13 years old when I built my first instrument - a headless bass, at my school workshop. From that moment I was hooked. As owner of Sabre Guitars I design and build the entire range of instruments and custom hardware personally. I’m entirely self taught and still young which I’ve always felt was an advantage because as a perfectionist I always strive to improve whilst being constantly reminded that I’m still learning every day. Of course inevitably sometimes as a creative person in this situation my ideas overstretch my ability but its these challenges that force me to improve and keep learning new techniques, new skills and ultimately make sure that every instrument which leaves my workshop is as good as it possibly could be. Click on the links below for details on how I build my instruments. 

Sabre was started in 2009, originally as a partnership between myself and my father in law Simon after my wife Sam and I moved from London up to Cambridge. I’d become more and more disillusioned by falling standards and increasing prices within the mainstream guitar industry and felt that there was a real need for a return to the principles of good luthiery that wasn’t simply driven by profit but by passion for the instruments as an end in themselves. Sabre spent the first few years of its life concentrating on research and development striving to perfect designs for guitars which pushed the boundaries of elegance, comfort and playability. We headed to NAMM in 2011 with our prototype guitar "Seraph" and despite being completely unknown were awarded editors pick by Premier Guitar Magazine. 

I took the company on in its entirety in the Summer of 2012 and since then Sabre has started a meteoric rise within the guitar industry, garnering a host of back to back 5 star reviews in the world's leading publications and attracting a host of diverse and talented artists as endorsees.



Bertie actually attended the same School and College as Christian before undertaking a Model Making degree at Bournemouth where he built his first guitar, a fanned fret acoustic. After this he worked at some of the most prestigious model making companies in the UK on projects for clients such as Damien Hurst. 

In 2013 he undertook a year's apprenticeship at Crimson Guitars in Bournemouth before joining Christian at Sabre as a full time luthier. His experience with composite materials, jig-making and fabrication, as well as acoustic guitar design has led to an extremely creative period of collaborative product development at Sabre. Our new range of acoustic guitars, inspired in large part by two of his previous solo-built instruments are named the Buck series as a result. 

Guitar Maestro Jon Beedle demonstrates our very first production guitar. The Original Seraph Prototype Serial No. SGS-#1

ESO's Carl Johnston Demoing his Signature Wraith CJM-103 Multiscale.

The Workshop
Based in Cambridgeshire, the Sabre workshop is fully equipped for all our luthiery needs! 

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